19\" enclosures

  • designed and manufactured in GERMANY
  • 1U, 2U and 3U height as standard, but by stacking side panels on top of each other you can get ANY enclosure height you need
  • 300mm depth (it's possible to screw two enclosure together to one 600mm deep enclosure)
  • robust black structure powder coatin
  • Top and Bottom panel are at the same height as the side panels (no ugly top panel is going over the front panel height)
  • no annoying 90° lid at the top or bottom panel (so you have 100% room for parts like vu meters or so on the frontpanel)
  • ventilation holes at the side of the enclosure (where they need to be)
  • black M3 countersink screws to fix top and bottom panels
  • black M4 hex screws to fix the front and rearpanel
  • blank rearpanels (out of aluminum for easy manufacturing/customizing)
  • ready made rearpanels for mono or stereo units available (including the right XLR and IEC connectors)
  • lot's of options like 90° stabilisation brackets or mounting bars to fix parts inside the enclosure

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