General Information:
We offer 3 different types of enclosures. The NRG CASE is the best enclosure with many options.The other enclosures are made out of steel and as we cool our cutting-tools with alcohol we cannot machine steel. (the sparkles would set the cnc machines on fire) And it also would not make sense to cut steel because the steel will corrode at the areas where it had been engraved/cutted.  That's the reason why we developed our own 19" enclosures.

Designed and made in Germany (by frontpanels.de)

  • Frontpanel available in silver, black, blue, green, red anodized aluminum and any RAL colour
  • Frontpanel and Rearpanel made out of aluminum and can have custom holes and engravings
  • Rearpanels with mono or stereo cutouts available
  • Standard heights of 1U, 2U and 3U - but by using additional side-panels the height can be 4U, 5U... up to 10U and more.
  • Ventilation holes at the sides (so that no other device on top will cover the holes)
  • Slots at the side panels to fix things like transformers or other parts
  • Earth connection welded to the side panels
  • Parts of the enclosure (not visible when assembled) had been covered before powder coating so that all parts are grounded
  • Thread inserts for all screws (=easy assembling and no wear off when screw/unscrewing the parts)
  • ?Mounting Rails? are available to fix pcbs without cutting holes into the bottom panel
  • ?Transformer Mounting Brackets? are available to fix toroid transformers to the side panel
  • ?Fixation Panel? is available to fix mechanical parts to the bottom
  • Rearpanel can be fixed with additional brackets to the inside of the enclosure (to fix tubes or transformers)
  • Standard U-shaped rearpanels (top and bottom can be screwed to the rearpanel for more stability)
  • Optional a 3mm Rearpanel can be used
  • Handles in different styles are available
    STEEL CASE   made in China
  • All parts are made out of steel (rearpanel can NOT be machined)

    ECONOMY CASE  made in India
  • All parts are made out of steel (rearpanel can NOT be machined)
  • 1,5mm Steel Frontpanel (can NOT be machined)
  • Handles included