NRG illuminated Push Switch (like SSL Solid State Logic)

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Illuminated Push button switch

18,7mm x 18,7mm Outside Contour of the black front part
17x17mm cutout (with 2mm cutter/1mm Edge radius) for the frontpanel-cutout

Iluminated pushbuttons like they're used in analog consoles
You can remove the lense cover and add a piece of paper/transparency film with your own text
Maximum Voltage: 250V AC  Maximum Current: 3A  With LED (2V)
These pushswitches need a rectangular cutout. The advantage is that they cannnot move around like the round eao Switches, they always stay in place. Good! :-)
A socket is already included. So you can solder cables to the sockets, not to the contacts direclty. This makes it possible to simply change the switch without desoldering the wires. You can also use the socket to solder it into a pcb.

The rectangular cutout in the frontpanel for these switches is 17mmx17mm. 

Please download the Datasheet here:


                       Push switch with socket                                                         

                You can easily print your own labels


You can change the led to any other colour if you want 

By removing this metal part you can make a momentary switch




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